31 January 2010

Shows of the Week


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Butch Morris @ The Stone
Jason Crosby, Jim Campilongo @ Living Room
*Amayo's Fu-Arkist-Ra, Naomi Shelton et al @ Knitting Factory (Brooklyn)

Assembly of Dust @ Brooklyn Bowl
*Previously on Lost @ Bell House (Brooklyn)
Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog @ Le Poisson Rouge
Cyro Baptista's Banquet of the Spirits @ Joe's Pub (early)
Jim Campilongo/Adam Levy @ Barbes (Brooklyn) (early)
The London Souls @ Mercury Lounge
Afinidad @ Jazz Standard (early/late)

*Hopewell et al @ Southpaw (Brooklyn)
Afinidad @ Jazz Standard (early/late)
Francois Moutin @ 55 Bar (late)
Adam Levy et al @ Banjo Jim's
Ladysmith Black Mambazo @ Highline Ballroom

*Steven Bernstein's MTO @ 55 Bar (late)
Delta Spirit @ Pianos
Ladysmith Black Mambazo @ BB King's
Josh Rouse @ Le Poisson Rouge

*Galactic (Tea Leaf Green opens) @ Terminal 5
Josh Rouse @ Le Poisson Rouge
Delta Spirit @ Union Hall (Brooklyn)
Cyro Baptista's Banquet of the Spirits @ Mexicali Live (Teaneck, NJ)
Sasha Dobson et al @ Rockwood Music Hall
Licorice et al @ Sullivan Hall (late)

*AA Bondy @ Union Hall (Brooklyn)
Buckwheat Zydeco @ BB King's (early/late)
Hot Chip @ MHOW (Brooklyn)
Dr John @ Bergen PAC (Englewood, NJ)

(Super Bowl) Sunday:
Stephane Wrembel @ Barbes (Brooklyn) (late)
*Donny McCaslin @ 55 Bar (late)

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19 January 2010

Freak Week!

Hey all it's Freak Week, do the FreakStick!

Freaks Ball X is this Saturday -- I hope to see you all there -- but plenty of time to party leading up to the main event.

First, the skinny...

Freaks Ball X
January 23, 2010
Sullivan Hall - NYC, USA
Doors at 8:30
Music at 9:00

Anders Osborne from NOLA (2 sets)
The Black Hollies from NYC/NJ
Scott Metzger/Ron Johnson/Eric Kalb

  • First of all: if you plan on going, get your tickets there's a damn good chance it'll be sold out come Saturday.
  • There's a raffle going on in conjunction with FBX that you can take part in whether you're going or not. Proceeds split between Oxfam Haiti relief and City Harvest. Check out the details here.
  • If you're itching to get out and party early, there's a birthday party for the NYC-Freaks list at Brooklyn Bowl. Info @ Facebook here. Should be a damn good time.
  • Robert Randolph plays Brooklyn Bowl tomorrow for Haiti relief as well on what happens to be the 10th anniversary of the start of the Freaks list and the 9th anniversary of Robert's playing the 1st Freaks Ball. Weird the way the world works. Get info/tix here.
  • Freaks Ball getting some press: Time Out NY, Village Voice.
  • I got interviewed at our beloved Hidden Track. Check it out!
  • Trying to get psyched for the weekend? Here are some tunes to tide you over. Download the Anders show from Sullivan Hall a couple months back. Smoking stuff!
  • Check out the Black Hollies: Ardent Sessions, WFUV studio session, and download a show from a year and a half ago (pre-newest album).

17 January 2010

Shows of the Freak

You ready?? You can sleep on Sunday...

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*Adam Levy, Jason Crosby, Jim Campilongo @ Living Room
Vampire Weekend @ Webster Hall
Cyro Baptista @ The Stone
Beth Orton @ Bell House (Brooklyn)
Dinosaur Jr. @ Brooklyn Bowl
Johnny Winter @ BB King's
Van Davis @ 55 Bar (early)
Final Fantasy @ Bowery Ballroom

The Swell Season (w/ Josh Ritter) @ Radio City Music Hall
*Vampire Weekend @ Bowery Ballroom
Groove Collective, Bernie Worrell, Lonnie Smith, DJ Logic @ Le Poisson
Rouge (benefit)
Charlotte Gainsbourg @ Bell House (Brooklyn)
Charlie Hunter @ Rose Live (Brooklyn)
Dave Mason @ BB King's

*Robert Randolph & Friends @ Brooklyn Bowl (benefit)
Lady Gaga @ Radio City Music Hall
Adam Levy, Jessica Lurie et al @ Banjo Jim's
Patti Smith, Swell Season, Josh Ritter @ City Winery (benefit)
Freelance Whales @ Mercury Lounge
Charlotte Gainsbourg @ Bell House (Brooklyn)
Das Racist, Sonia's Party et al @ Southpaw (Brooklyn)

**G-Town, BuzzUniverse + da Freaks @ Brooklyn Bowl
Bon Iver/Steve Kimock @ Merkin Concert Hall
Carolina Chocolate Drops @ Bowery Ballroom
Vetiver @ Bell House (Brooklyn)
Fly @ Jazz Standard (early/late)
Vernon Reid/Corey Glover, David Johansen et al @ City Winery (benefit)
The Pimps of Joytime @ Crash Mansion
Andy Statman @ Barbes (Brooklyn) (late)
Lady Gaga @ Radio City Music Hall

Jorma Kaukonen @ Tarrytown Music Hall (Tarrytown)
*moe. @ Roseland Ballroom
Stephane Wrembel et al @ Joe's Pub (early/late)
Fly @ Jazz Standard (early/late)
Afroskull @ Parkside Lounge
My Brightest Diamond @ Bowery Ballroom
Bob Mould w. J. Auer @ City Winery

***FBX: Anders Osborne, The Black Hollies, Scott Metzger/Eric Kalb/Ron Johnson @ Sullivan Hall

Ben Sollee/Carrie Rodriguez @ Maxwells (Hoboken)
Rosanne Cash, Madeleine Peyroux @ City Winery (benefit)
Lady Gaga @ Radio City Music Hall
Stephane Wrembel et al @ Barbes (Brooklyn)
Fly @ Jazz Standard (early/late)
*John Zorn improv night @ The Stone (early/late)
White Rabbits @ Bowery Ballroom

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11 January 2010

Review: Winter Jazz Fest

Quickie review of an awesome Saturday night of music. Winter Jazz Fest was a two-day festival spanning 4 or 5 clubs in a 2-3 block radius in the Village. They did a supremely good job booking the festival, plucking tons of amazing musicians, mostly local to play. There were a bunch of my old favorites and some that I've been meaning to see but just hadn't gotten around to see yet. And the frickin' thing sold out! Amazing. I just went Saturday, here's my rundown in chronological order:

Jenny Scheinman/Jason Moran @ Le Poisson Rouge
Did you know that I love Jenny Scheinman? You didn't? Well, I do. There are many reasons for such feeling and many levels to that love. She's one of the few musicians who can play a weekly gig and have every week be completely different. I mean completely -- she can play Django-jazz one week, do a folksy country vocal duet the next, lead a big band with heavy hitters like Bill Frisell or Jason Moran the next and do free-form improv with a bunch of great local dudes. And it's all great. Some is better than others depending on your tastes and mood, but it's a tremendous combination of breadth and quality. I can think of only one or two other musicians who come close. Anyway, that's a long way of saying that each time you see Jenny, it's just one part of a continuum -- it'll stand alone just fine, but in the context of everything takes on heightened excellence. Saturday was no different. Just a duo, Jenny lead the way with mostly her material, playing beautiful, mournful violin while Jason Moran played the flourishing muse behind her, filling in the gaps, pushing just a bit, but mostly just embellishing wonderfully. My only minor complaint was that it was more of a sit-down kind of set and it was a packed SRO affair.

Claudia Quintet @ Bitter End
It wouldn't be a good festival if you didn't feel like you were missing something with each choice you made, but I'm confident I made the right one by heading over to the smaller and cozier Bitter End for the next three bands there. First was the Claudia Quintet, a group I knew of but didn't really know at all. What a revelation! Accordion, sax/clarinet, vibraphone, bass, piano and drums the mix was catchy, eclectic and a lot of fun. You might count those instruments and get to 6 like I did. They had one guy (Gary Versace) sitting in, but not knowing in advance, you'd have had a really, really hard time guessing who the "guest" was. The playing was seamless. If you don't love the vibes, you have no soul and the CQ was deep with the vibraphonics, mixing a groovy jazz with hypnotic undertones. A great find and Trevor Dunn -- the best bass player you've never seen -- on the stand-up keeping it all in line. Loved it!

Rudder @ Bitter End
Rudder is one of those bands I knew I loved even before I heard a single note. Featuring the all-world rhythm section of Keith Carlock on drums and Tim Lefebvre on bass, I knew there was no way this wasn't going to blow me away, but I just didn't know yet. Well, wonder no longer, Saturday night's highlight set was watching these guys blaze new universe from the galaxies of funk, jazz and rock. Carlock and Lefebvre are the backbone to Wayne Krantz's K3 -- and they showed some new levels of playing while maintaining all the deep, brain-crushing "what the fuck just happened?" hits that Krantz fans have become dangerously addicted to in the last 10 years. Loved 'em!

Todd Sickafoose's Tiny Resistors @ Bitter End
Dunn > Lefebvre > Sickafoose is a serious triple play of seriously underrated bass playing. I'd put those 3 up against any 3 you got. Sickafoose had one sick band put together including Jenny Scheinman (who has a Madonna-arena-show level of wardrobe changes in her), Steve Cardenas, Rudy Royston, John Ellis and more. In all, there were two guitars, a violin, drums, sax, trombone and of course the bass. Todd lead a band the way all bands should be lead, give the player some excellent material and hang back and let them go with it. Each piece was superlative and each featured some jaw-dropping moments folded into some truly awesome songs. The highlight had to be a solo that Jenny took (biased, I know) with the rest of the band strutting and swaying behind her violin. She built it, slowly but with purpose, easing through multiple themes before exploding in a fit of raging bow work. It was really as good as I've seen her and the band matched her measure for measure. The set also featured perhaps the best trombone solo I've seen in maybe forever. Great shit, don't sleep on Sickafoose in any form, he's brilliant. Loved it!

Bitches Brew Revisited @ Le Poisson Rouge
Now fully lubricated and into Sunday, my 36th birthday, it was time to take it back to LPR for something a little different. The set was essentially a partial recreation/inspired-by/revisitation of Miles Davis' Bitches Brew, which recently celebrated its 40th birthday itself. The band was pretty all-star all around, with Marco Benevento on the not-too-hot/not-too-cold Rhodes, DJ Logic on the tables, James Blood Ulmer on guitar, Cindy Blackman on tres funky drums, Graham Hayes playing the role of the man in front and many more. If you dig the album (you do, don't you?), you would have dug this. A nice balance of true-to-the-album and true-to-the-spirit-of-the-album.

Marco Benevento Trio @ Le Poisson Rouge
The room had kinda emptied to about half full or less by the time the Bitches Brew thing was done. Next up was the Marco trio which is nothing less than ubiquitous these days. Unfortunately, no Andrew Barr which had been the thing most worth seeing the trio to me. Frankly, the love I've had for this group has ebbed to a "really, I'm over it" kind of vibe. Was there something wrong with the Duo that no one told me about? Seems like that was a waste of an endless stream of possibilities (and you don't get many of those in a lifetime). There, I've said it. Loved it... but not any more.

Global Noize @ Sullivan Hall
I'm sure you can be a fully functioning jazz festival without early morning options, but it always helps. Now running more on whiskey and good-people-vibes than musical appreciation, made it over to Sullivan Hall for da jamz. This was kind of like a Bride-of-Frankenstein version of the old Project Logic and would have fit in quite nicely at the old Wetlands. Casey Benjamin on sax, funky-as-fuck Ron Johnson on bass, DJ Logic and a bunch of people I couldn't see because everything was kinda hazy through my whiskey goggles. Love the city where music goes til 3... at least.

Looking forward to this next year cause that was an smashing success. $25 for all that? 2010's starting off on the right foot!

10 January 2010

Shows of the Week

Great week of music, don't let the cold keep you in cause you'll be missing out.

[Remember: * = Ned's picks, # = new additions; if you or someone you
know want a copy of this listing in your inbox, go to
groups.yahoo.com/group/nyc_sotw, click "join group" and follow


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Naomi Shelton & Gospel Queens @ Joe's Pub (late)
Uri Caine @ The Stone
*Jason Crosby, Jim Campilongo, et al @ Living Room
Barbes showcase @ Mercury Lounge
Joy Askew et al @ Rockwood Music Hall

Little Feat @ The Concert Hall
Sickafoose/Deutsch/Perowsky @ Korzo (Brooklyn) (early)
*Jenny Scheinman @ Barbes (Brooklyn) (early)
Charlie Hunter (CD release party) @ Rose Live (Brooklyn)
Doveman, Puss N Boots et al @ Mercury Lounge
FREE Sonia's Party & Everyone's Invited Band @ Union Pool (Brooklyn)
The Respect Sexter, Ethan Iverson solo @ Le Poisson Rouge

War @ City Winery
*Krantz/Carlock/Lefebvre @ Rose Live (Brooklyn)
Susan Alcorn @ The Stone (late)
The Drums @ Bowery Ballroom
Adam Levy et al @ Banjo Jim's
Movits! @ Mercury Lounge

*David Bromberg/Marc Ribot @ Merkin Concert Hall
Brad Mehldau (solo) @ Highline Ballroom
Drug Rug @ Brooklyn Bowl
War @ City Winery
John Abercrombie (w/ G. Osby) @ Iridium (early/late)
Jerry Joseph @ The Shrine
Reid Genauer @ Joe's Pub (early)
Todd Sickafoose's Tiny Resistors @ Barbes (Brooklyn) (late)
Savoir Adore et al @ Mercury Lounge (late)
Crooked Still @ Mexicali Live (Teaneck, NJ)

The Musical Box @ Nokia Theater
The Budos Band @ Maxwells (Hoboken)
*Alex McMurray, Bill Malchow et al @ Sullivan Hall
John Hartford Tribute @ Jalopy Theater (Brooklyn)
John Abercrombie (w/ G. Osby) @ Iridium (early/late)
Gang Gang Dance @ MHOW (Brooklyn)
Southeast Engine @ Union Hall (Brooklyn)
Jamie McLean @ National Underground (late)
Steep Canyon Rangers @ Joe's Pub (early)
David Hidalgo/Louie Perez @ Allen Room
Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven @ Highline Ballroom
The Low Anthem (w/ Dave Douglas) @ Abrons Arts Center
Black Taxi et al @ Southpaw (Brooklyn)
Gary Lucas Gods & Monsters @ Knitting Factory (Brooklyn)

The Budos Band (Nouvellas open) @ Southpaw (Brooklyn)
Dinosaur Jr. @ Bowery Ballroom
John Abercrombie (w/ G. Osby) @ Iridium (early/late)
*Hymns @ Knitting Factory (Brooklyn)
Serena Jean @ National Underground
Ryan Montbleau Band @ Mexicali Live (Teaneck, NJ)
The Musical Box @ Nokia Theater
Some Cat From Japan @ Sullivan Hall (late night)
Dweezil Zappa @ Wellmont Theater (Montclair, NJ)

*Vampire Weekend @ United Palace Theater
John Abercrombie (w/ G. Osby) @ Iridium (early/late)
Dinosaur Jr @ MHOW (Brooklyn)
Stephane Wrembel @ Barbes (Brooklyn) (late)
Rudresh Mahanthappa's Sporty Brown Trio @ The Stone (late)
Mos Def @ Highline Ballroom
Beth Orton, Sam Amidon @ City Winery

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06 January 2010

Review: The Bad Plus on NYE (an appreciation)

It seems fitting after spending the last few weeks thinking about my favorite music of the decade that I would close out the 2000’s with The Bad Plus. Looking back, it seems obvious that The Bad Plus – Dave King on drums, Ethan Iverson on piano, and Reid Anderson on bass and general compositional superherodom – were my personal band of the decade. So, no surprise that we decided to ring in the New Year at the Village Vanguard for what – do I could correctly – would be my 20th Bad Plus show in the last 7 years.

It was cool to see a New Year’s show at a place like the Vanguard. Tickets were kind of pricey and obviously sitting crammed in a 50+ year old jazz club isn’t everyone’s idea of a NYE party. The net result was that there was no one there willy-nilly: if you were there, you wanted to be there.

Set I:
Have You Met Miss Jones (Rodgers/Hart)
Knows the Difference (Anderson)
Anthem of the Earnest (King)
Birthday Gift (Iverson)
Beryl Loves to Dance (Anderson)
Metal (Ligeti)
Giant (Anderson)
2 pm (King)
Laying A Strip For the Higher-Self State Line (King)
Silence is the Question (Anderson)

Did I say the Bad Plus were my musicians of the year? Maybe we can whittle that down even further to just Reid Anderson. When it comes to writing a song, Reid is simply Zeus slumming it down on Earth with the mortals. The first set on NYE serves as my proof. His four songs anchored a brilliant set, each one standing on its own as masterpiece and yet, taken together, serve as some highlight reel of songwriting. He works superlatively within traditional conventions on one song (Beryl), twists them on their axis on another (Knows The Difference), and then rips them apart to reveal the stunningly beautiful world inside (Giant and Silence). Such a beauty nearly drove me to tears one multiple occasions during the set. Of course, with TBP it takes (at least) three to make this magic work and they were all on point from the start. We were sitting a little bit towards King and so I felt a bit more from the drums than the bass and piano. This was OK because Dave, whose exuberance can occasionally go a bit too far, was the energetic focal point all evening long. If anyone is going to turn a jazz show into a New Year’s party, Dave King’s your man. Iverson’s “Birthday Gift” was introduced as a song both a la and dedicated to Thelonious Monk, describing him as a strong-buy-underlying influence to the Bad Plus sound. Man, did he really nail the Monk mannerisms perfectly and yet make it something genuinely Iversonian at the same time. Both sets were very light on the well-loved cover songs that have allowed the band to transcend the jazz clubs and crowd and reach a greater audience. The one cover they did play in the first set, Miss Jones, was barely so, but still highlighted their usual method of ripping a song to shreds and rebuilding it in a purely Bad Plus style. Miss Jones was treated to a wicked tempo whirlpool: at first too fast, then too slow, then just right and on and on. Wonderfully disorienting and a perfect start.

Between sets, there was some food served as advertised. Kind of bizarre to see people eating chicken wings and rice and beans in the Vanguard, a room that prides itself on not serving food on the other 364 days a year. We were plenty full from dinner.

We were informed that the 2nd set would be broadcast live on NPR (you can still stream it here).

Set II:
You Are (Anderson)
And Here We Test Your Powers of Observation (Anderson)
Bill Hickman at Home (Iverson)
Who’s He? (Iverson)
People Like You (Anderson)
Song X (Coleman)
Metal (Ligeti)
My Friend Metatron (King)
Dirty Blonde (Anderson)
Laying A Strip For the Higher Self State Line (King) >
New Year’s Countdown>
Auld Lang Syne>
Physical Cities (Anderson)
Big Eater (Anderson)
The Radio Tower Has A Beating Heart* (King)
E: Flim (Aphex Twin)
* debut

The late set was an absolute monster. Even with a couple of repeats (we were warned), the band did a great job all night of spreading the set around from all the albums and, of course, featuring new material. I can tell you right now, the best song on the next album will be “People Like You” which has the same intense soul-strip-searching quality that Giant and Silence Is the Question have and yet may be more beautiful and accessible all the same. People all around the room were shaking their heads in disbelief after that one, like me, I’m sure, contemplating not just the song and the playing, but the meaning of music itself. Yes, it’s all that.

As with any New Year’s show, the climax comes at midnight and The Bad Plus did not disappoint. Repeating Dave King’s Laying A Strip jaunt as background music – Ethan said it was a good choice because it was happy music that had a good beat to propel us into the new year – a countdown was lead, leading into a straight read of the NYE classic Auld Lang Syne. Still at their most postmodern and metamusical, the trio wasted no time flipping the slow traditional number into their most rocking, genre-defying piece, Physical Cities. As 2010 got its legs under it, I sat in amazement, wondering how one man could write all this music, all over the map, and yet all coherent and powerful and all of it amazing. Not to mention how three guys can draw from such disparate influences and tastes and generate a singular sound out of it. When I listen to the Bad Plus I hear wonderful music, but also I am made aware of what it is about music that makes me love it so much. There are few musicians who have been that to me and that is why The Bad Plus was the most important and my favorite of the last decade.

I thought for sure they were going to end after that, but their standard set closer/encore Big Eater (yet a completely different flavor of awesome from Anderson). As I often did throughout the night I looked all around the room to survey the smiles and the looks of intense joy on the faces of the people in the room. No one was thinking about getting the most of their drink minimums or being cramped in that room or the cold rain outside or even the crappy economy. And then I saw something I’d never seen before – a couple people standing near the back, actually dancing at the Village Vanguard. Awesome! But that wasn’t all, the band didn’t leave the stage after Big Eater, but instead Ethan introduced another song which he said Dave had taught them all that day. So, we were treated to a debut as well. Another great song in the making. They returned to thunderous applause to encore with Flim, perhaps my favorite Bad Plus cover, electronic de-electronified and fully Bad-Plus-ified. Glory! Ethan expertly wound the tune down into a little Auld Lang Syne jingle which was a perfect end to a wonderful New Years Eve.

03 January 2010

Shows of the Week

Will try to be better about posting here....

Click here for upcoming shows

*Marc Ribot @ The Stone
Jim Campilongo @ Living Room (late)
Ryan Cabrera @ Hihgline Ballroom

Adam Cruz Group @ 55 Bar (late)
Greg Allman @ Wellmont Theater (Montclair, NJ)
*Chris Potter Underground @ Village Vanguard (early/late)
Bilal @ Blue Note (early/late)

*Ben Perowsky Quartet @ Barbes (Brooklyn) (late)
Chris Potter Underground @ Village Vanguard (early/late)
Bilal w/ Robert Glasper @ Blue Note (early/late)
Adam Levy et al @ Banjo Jim's

*Levon Helm, Okkervil River @ Terminal 5
Antibalas @ Knitting Factory (Brooklyn)
Chris Potter Underground @ Village Vanguard (early/late)
Project/Object w/ Ike Willis & Ray White @ BB King's
Mark O' Connor et al @ Blue Note (early/late)
Crooked Still @ Southpaw (Brooklyn)
The Duthcess & The Duke @ Union Hall (Brooklyn)
The Blind Boys of Alabama/Preservation Hall Jazz Band @ Tarrytown Music Hall
Kenny Barron Quintet @ Jazz Standard (early/late)
The Rural Alberta Advantage @ Maxwells (Hoboken, NJ)
Ari Hoenig Quartet @ Cornelia St. Cafe

Company of Heaven Jazz Fest @ Cornelia St. Cafe
Levon Helm @ Tarrytown Music Hall (Tarrytown)
*Export NOLA @ Sullivan Hall/Bitter End
Chris Potter Underground @ Village Vanguard (early/late)
James Cotton @ BB King's
Akoya Afrobeat @ Southpaw (Brooklyn)
Passion Pit @ Terminal 5
Leroy Justice et al @ Maxwells (Hoboken, NJ)
Mr Bill Sims, Jr @ 55 Bar (late)
Nicholas Payton et al @ Le Poisson Rouge
Licorice @ Brooklyn Bowl
Kenny Barron Quintet @ Jazz Standard (early/late)
Jonah Smith et al @ Rockwood Music Hall
McCoy Tyner Trio @ Highline Ballroom
Peter Apfebaum, Jamie Saft, Bobby Previte et al @ Kenny's Castaways
Mark O' Connor et al @ Blue Note (early/late)
FREE Ben Allison Band @ Bronx Museum of Arts
The Dutchess & The Duke @ Mercury Lounge (early)
Richie Havens @ Joe's Pub (early)

Hot Buttered Rum (Chris Barron opens) @ Brooklyn Bowl
Mark O' Connor et al @ Blue Note (early/late)
Del McCoury Band/Preservation Hall Jazz Band @ BB King's
Chris Potter Underground @ Village Vanguard (early/late)
Kenny Barron Quintet @ Jazz Standard (early/late)
The Rural Alberta Advantage @ Mercury Lounge (Early/late)
Jonah Smith @ 55 Bar (late)
Jamie McLean @ National Underground
*Ben Allison, Jenny Scheinman/Jason Moran, Benevento Trio et al @ Le
Poisson Rouge
Anne Drummond Quintet @ Jazz Standard (midnight)
Todd Sickafoose, Claudio Quintet et al @ Bitter End
Passion Pit @ Terminal 5
Company of Heaven Jazz Fest @ Cornelia St. Cafe
Henry Butler @ Joe's Pub (late)
Global Noize, Lonnie Smith et al @ Sullivan Hall

Nellie McKay @ Blue Note (early/late)
*Passion Pit @ Terminal 5
Chris Potter Underground @ Village Vanguard (early/late)
Jim Campilongo @ 55 Bar (early)
Burnt Sugar @ Joe's Pub (late night)
Stephane Wrembel @ Barbes (Brooklyn) (late)
Kenny Barron Quintet @ Jazz Standard (early/late)
Company of Heaven Jazz Fest @ Cornelia St. Cafe

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