29 June 2012

Faves of first half of 2012

The first half of the year is over, as always, plenty of amazing music
already. Would love to get some of your recommendations. Here are some
of my favorites:

{my running favorites of 2012 playlist (updated monthly) on Spotify:

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Favorite albums of 2012 thus far (alphabetical, did my best to limit
it to 25, but plenty more I can recommend):

Air -- Le Voyage Dans La Lune
Andrew Bird -- Break It Yourself
Chicha Libre -- Canibalismo
Conduits -- Conduits
Dr. Dog -- Be the Void
Dr John -- Locked Down
Jay Farrar/Jim James/Anders Parker/Will Johnson -- New Multitudes
Floratone -- Floratone II
Laura Gibson -- La Grande
Heartless Bastards -- Arrow
Hospitality -- Hospitality
Michael Kiwanuka -- Home Again
Cate Le Bon -- Cyrk
Little Barrie -- King of the Waves
Brad Mehldau Trio -- Ode
The Pines -- Dark So Gold
Plants and Animals -- The End of That
Pond -- Beard, Wives, Denim
Quantic w/ Alice Russell -- Look Around the Corner
Frankie Rose -- Interstellar
Royal Baths -- Better Luck Next Life
Christopher Paul Stelling -- Songs of Praise & Scorn
Toure-Raichel Collective -- The Tel Aviv Session
Jack White -- Blunderbuss
Zeus -- Busting Visions

Favorite 10 new discoveries in 2012 so far:
Chicha Libre
Get the Blessing
Michael Kiwanuka
Little Barrie
The Megaphonic Thrift
Quick and Easy Boys
Royal Baths
Spirit Family Reuniion
The Young

minimix: Covers2012.3

Some campfire covers songs for your weekend pleasure.



01 The Ride of the Valkyries (Wagner) -- Chicha Libre
02 Revelator (Welch) -- Camille O'Sullivan
03 Leaving On a Jet Plane (Denver) -- Sea of Bees
04 Wayfarin' Stranger (traditional) -- Neil Young & Crazy Horse
05 The Scientist (Coldplay) -- Willie Nelson
06 Mr. Spaceman (The Byrds) -- The Wandering

My favorite albums of 2012 (so far)
My twitter (@neddyo) weekly album pick playlist
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22 June 2012

minimix: Psych2012.3

Some weird for your summer.



01 Evening Sky -- Plankton Wat
02 Workingman's Smile -- MV & EE
03 Latchkeys -- White Fence
04 Numb -- The Young
05 Beautiful Son -- Peaking Lights
06 Eg anda -- Sigur Ros

15 June 2012

minimix: Groovy2012.3

Dedicated to all the funky dads out there.



01 La Plata (En Mi Carrito De Lata) -- Chicha Libre
02 Witches Boogaloo -- The Sugarman 3
03 Ziggowatt -- Lettuce
04 Little Shimmy -- Billy Martin/Wil Blades
05 Take Off Your Clothes -- Everyone Orchestra
06 What I Know -- The Bamboos

My favorite albums of 2012 (so far)
My twitter (@neddyo) weekly album pick playlist
All the minimixes that ever were

08 June 2012

minimix: Folk2012.3

Summer is here, time for some roots music.



01 A Heart Arcane -- Horse Feathers
02 Ballad of Oregon -- River City Extension
03 Knob Creek -- Steep Canyon Rangers
04 Daniel Bloom -- Hope for Agoldensummer
05 You're the One I Love -- Sara Watkins (with Fiona Apple)
06 That's What's Up -- Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros