26 February 2012

2011: Favorite movies

A little later than usual, but gave myself some time to catch up on some movies and since it's Oscar day (n.b. I hate the Oscars and all awards-giving enterprises with a passion), here's my list of favorite movies from last year. I saw most of the movies I wanted to see and a handful of crappy kids movies I wish I hadn't (looking at you Cars 2!!).

  1. A Separation (as perfect a drama as you can imagine, perfect weaves multiple threads and conflicts within a gripping, totally believable story while making shades-of-gray commentary on religion, class, sexism, relationships, family and parenthood)
  2. Tree of Life (who cares what it's about, a total joy to watch, I thought)
  3. The Muppets (I love nostalgia and this was pure nostalgia in its most enjoyable form... a nostalgic movie that's about nostalgia, hilarious and utterly benign. if it didn't make you smile, there's something wrong with you)
  4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 (epic and fitting finish to perhaps the greatest series of our lifetimes)
  5. The Descendants (wonderfully nuanced, perfectly acted. great film)
  6. Drive (so very quiet, so very intense, and then... so very (and very unexpectedly) bloody)
  7. Bridesmaids (year's best comedy, hands down, not even close)
  8. Hugo (a first for me: I actually enjoyed the 3D in this movie)
  9. Melancholia (so much to look at, so much to think about)
  10. The Artist (a fine film, total Oscar bait, but it was a weak year for movies, so it makes the top ten)
Honorable mention (a.k.a I also enjoyed... in alphabetical order): The Adjustment Bureau,The Future, Midnight In Paris, Rango, Source Code, Super 8, Young Adult

24 February 2012

minimix: Groovy2012.1

Your toes look like they could use a good a-tappin'.



01 Concrete Wall -- Zee Avi
02 Hey Na Na -- Galactic
03 Its Goin Down -- Big Gigantic
04 In The Middle -- Matthew Dear
05 Following -- The Phenomenal Handclap Band
06 Smoke And Mirrors -- Gotye

17 February 2012

minimix: Folk2012.1



01 Flippen -- Punch Brothers
02 All the While -- The Pines
03 Heart of the Continent -- John K. Samson
04 Zoo -- Ani DiFranco
05 Emmylou -- First Aid Kit
06 January Rain -- Winterpills

10 February 2012

minimix: RandomFaves2012.1



01 Lost In the Light -- Bahamas
02 How Long Must I Wait -- Dr. Dog
03 Separation -- Cloud Nothings
04 Eighth Avenue -- Hospitality
05 Sonic Armada -- Air
06 Easy Way Out -- Gotye

03 February 2012

minimix: Ladies2012.1

Getting back into the swing of sharing new music.



01 Sidewalk Safari -- Chairlift
02 Fold the Cloth -- Cate Le Bon
03 The Lion's Roar -- First Aid Kit
04 Lion/Lamb -- Laura Gibson
05 Chameleon/Comedian -- Kathleen Edwards
06 Jolene -- The Little Willies

Freaks Ball XII link-o-rama

Not only was this year's Freaks Ball the biggest and the best, it was also easily the most documented of them all. Trying to collect all of the links to audio, video, photos and reviews. Let me know what I'm missing and I'll add links, etc.

Excellent photos, videos, review and interview from Marc Millman at Hidden Track
Jambands.com review

Night 1: January 20, 2011, Brooklyn Bowl

                                        (photo by Dino Perucci)

Greg Aiello
Scott Bernstein
Dino Perucci

Portugal. The Man 
source 1: Scott Bernstein (archive)
source 2: acidjack (NYCTaper)
source 3: Eric McRoberts (archive)

Sam Champion
source 1: Scott Bernstein (etree)

full show video (thx to Justin Marinoff): 

other nice video clips

Night 2: January 21, 2011, Brooklyn Bowl
                                        (photo by Dino Perucci)

Brooklyn Bowl photo stream
Michael Jurick
Greg Aiello
Scott Bernstein
Dino Perucci
Adam McCullough

Freaks Ball-Stars (featuring Marco Benevento, Joe Russo, Eddie Roberts, Ron Johnson, with special guests Warren Haynes, Eric Krasno, Alicia Shakur and Scott Metzger)

source 1:  Scott Bernstein (archive)
source 2:  Keith (etree)
source 3:

Erik Deutsch, Joe Russo, Scott Metzger, Hagar Ben Ari
source 1: Scott Bernstein (archive)
source 2: Eric McRoberts (archive)

video clip playlist