03 February 2012

Freaks Ball XII link-o-rama

Not only was this year's Freaks Ball the biggest and the best, it was also easily the most documented of them all. Trying to collect all of the links to audio, video, photos and reviews. Let me know what I'm missing and I'll add links, etc.

Excellent photos, videos, review and interview from Marc Millman at Hidden Track
Jambands.com review

Night 1: January 20, 2011, Brooklyn Bowl

                                        (photo by Dino Perucci)

Greg Aiello
Scott Bernstein
Dino Perucci

Portugal. The Man 
source 1: Scott Bernstein (archive)
source 2: acidjack (NYCTaper)
source 3: Eric McRoberts (archive)

Sam Champion
source 1: Scott Bernstein (etree)

full show video (thx to Justin Marinoff): 

other nice video clips

Night 2: January 21, 2011, Brooklyn Bowl
                                        (photo by Dino Perucci)

Brooklyn Bowl photo stream
Michael Jurick
Greg Aiello
Scott Bernstein
Dino Perucci
Adam McCullough

Freaks Ball-Stars (featuring Marco Benevento, Joe Russo, Eddie Roberts, Ron Johnson, with special guests Warren Haynes, Eric Krasno, Alicia Shakur and Scott Metzger)

source 1:  Scott Bernstein (archive)
source 2:  Keith (etree)
source 3:

Erik Deutsch, Joe Russo, Scott Metzger, Hagar Ben Ari
source 1: Scott Bernstein (archive)
source 2: Eric McRoberts (archive)

video clip playlist

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