06 October 2008

Power of persuasion

[Sunday afternoon conversation]

Elljay: I wish I was a parent.
Dad: Believe me, it's not that great, it's more fun to be a kid.
Elljay: But when you're a parent you get to make the rules.
Dad: ...
Elljay: But I don't want to be president. It's really HARD to be president, you're in charge of everybody.
Dad: Well, not EVERYbody.
Elljay: Yes, even the police and firemen.
Dad: Er.... who do you want to become president, John McCain or Barack Obama?
Elljay: Who do you want?
Dad: Obama.
Elljay: Why? Because he's better?
Dad: Much better.
Elljay: Then that's who I want to win.
Dad (to self): score!

[Backseat of the car Monday afternoon... listening to Radiohead from Jersey City this August.]

The Boy: I like the music.... I want to eat this music for lunch.

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