13 November 2008

minimix: Rib08

Here's a Marc Ribot mix all from shit released this year, which is pretty amazing if you think about it. Might not even be catching everything he's done. Not sure anyone else could pull off appearing on 7+ albums of such varying styles. All good, enjoy.

Download the mix

01 Uluwati -- The Dreamers: The Dreamers
02 Lies -- The Black Keys: Attack & Release
03 Gediel -- Bar Kokhba: Lucifer
04 Pinch -- Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog: Party Intellectuals
05 Fouet D'Epines -- John Zorn: Filmworks XXI
06 500 Miles -- McCoy Tyner: Guitars
07 Etude #6 cowboy -- Marc Ribot: Exercises in Futility

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