24 December 2014

2014 Year End -- maxi-mixes

This blog seems to mostly serve as a repository for my year end lists and musings... which is fine, I suppose.

Here are my annual 4 year-end mixes. I typically do some theme. (If you're interested, here are the mixes from 20132012, and 2011.). This year's dorky theme is the "states of matter." 

Not necessarily my favorite songs of the year, although some certainly are... just 4 curated playlists of songs you may or may not have heard this year.


Year End Playlist #1: Gas -- ambient, light, floating

Year End Playlist #2: Liquid -- movement, flow, moist

Year End Playlist #3 Solid - weight, volume, structure

Year End Playlist #4 Plasma - dissociated, charged, reactive

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