17 May 2007

Links of the Week

To tide you over until I have something useful to add:

So, I've been listening to Prog and other Bad Plus quite a bit this past week, piquing the interest of one LJ, who of course, does them justice.

LJ: I like this music. But it's not like rocking out music. You usually like rocking out music.
Dad: It's jazz. It's kind of like rocking out music.
LJ: It's like a lullaby. A really loud lullaby.
Dad: That's true. The band is called the Bad Plus.
LJ: They're joking, though, right?
Dad: What do you mean?
LJ: The Bad Plus, they're joking! They're not bad, they're good!
Dad: That's true.LJ at the Bad Plus, 8/21/2003, City Hall Park

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