10 May 2007

minimix: Jazzercise.3 (d)

Time to give the drummers some as they say. There are many kick ass drummers out there playing as many varied styles as there are under the heading of "jazz" -- this is as good a cross-section as any. Of course, there are some that I was pained to leave out, but so it goes. Being that I hate drum solos, I've allowed them to bring some other musicians along on these tracks -- please ignore them -- just listen to the drums.


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01 Lilin -- Electric Masada: At The Mountains Of Madness [feat. Joey Baron & Kenny Wolleson (w/ an assist from Cyro Baptista)]
02 Witch Doctor -- Stanton Moore: All Kooked Out [feat. Stanton Moore (duh!)]
03 Chasin' The Trane -- John Coltrane: Live At The Village Vanguard [feat. Elvin Jones]
04 A Little Max -- Duke Ellington: Money Jungle [feat. Max Roach]
05 You Know, You Know -- Mahavishnu Orchestra: Inner Mounting Flame [feat. Billy Cobham]
06 Physical Cities -- The Bad Plus: Washington, D.C. 22 June 2006 [feat. Dave King]

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