10 September 2007

Photo of the Week

That's Pedro Martinez taking his first warm-up pitches before his return home start this past Sunday. It was a beautiful afternoon and I hadn't been to Shea all season, so despite the strong fall-is-coming allure of a day on the couch with football, football, football, I made my way to Flushing via the LIRR and took in the broom game. Decision: correct.

After tonight's victory vs. the Braves, the Metropolitans are 9-1 since Pedro rejoined the team.

October beckons.

In other Mets news, the rumor is AAA affiliate moves to Syracuse next season. What a wonderful thing that would be.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow nice pic!

And the 'clones wrecked the babyankees too! Woo hoo!

-Bob Frapples