13 September 2007

minimix: Comes Alive Vol. 4 (ACL Preview)

Countdown is on to ACLFest and minimix brings the excitement with some live preview tracks from just a wee sliver of the music that'll be going on down in BBQland. That is, this is the "who needs the White Stripes?" mix. This hits a pretty good cross-section, but don't hit the whole nut even close.

Download the mix and see below for some full on shows from additional ACL acts to download.

As these are wide ranging live recordings, I make no promises about the consistency of the sound quality across the mix... all worth a listen, though!


Download the mix

01 23 -- Blonde Redhead: Barcelona 1 June 2007
02 1103 -- Sound Tribe Sector 9: Bonnaroo That Tent 15 June 2007
03 Scythian Empire -- Andrew Bird: Portland, OR 4 May 2007
04 Coconut Skins -- Damien Rice: KCRW 10 Nov 06
05 Time To Get Away -- LCD Soundsystem: KCRW 13 June 2007
06 Head Home -- Midlake: Tuebingen 26 Jul 07

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