09 August 2007

minimix: Comes Alive Vol. 4

This week Comes Alive is coming at you dead and deader as we pay tribute to a couple of our dearly departed. And as we all know the best kind of live album is the double live, we go double strong with both Jerry & Mikey getting their own mix (links below).... with a couple studio tracks for good measure. I don't pretend that either of these are authoritative by any measure, just a feeler trip to the buffet. It'd be nice to think of these guys jamming together in heaven, but something tells me that Jerry will have nothing to do with anyone that came after him and has been dogging Bill Monroe with a banjo in his hands since his arrival. Of course, Monroe wants nothing to do with Jerry...

Mix 1 is for Mr. Garcia, 12 years gone... here's an utterly random cropping of some Jerry in various stages of his playing days. I've included a track from my last Dead show -- the Row Jimmy was probably the last thing I saw Jerry do that impressed the hell out of me. Not sure it stands up, but you're getting it nonetheless. The rest is a damn good sampler, if I must say so.

I've included a track from the last Mike Houser I saw as well, but this one, I can guarantee you, is as good as you're gonna get. Yeah, it's a Jojo Ride Me High, but feel free to ignore the power of Mikey on that one. Hard to believe it's been 5 years, but thankfully we've got plenty of Mikey to listen to when we need it. The rest is rounded out with some examples of such, with a brilliant little back-and-forth with JB in the studio tucked in there. I've thrown in a bonus track, because we can't forget Allen Woody when we're remembering face-melting musicians in August. Crank up the bass for that one, heavy, heavy shit.


Click here to download disc 1

01 Rubin And Cherise -- Jerry Garcia: The Very Best Of Jerry Garcia
02 Terrapin Station -- The Grateful Dead: 18 September 1987
03 I Was Made To Love Her -- Jerry Garcia/Merl Saunders: 6 February 1972
04 She Belongs To Me -- Jerry Garcia/David Grisman Quintet: 5/1992
05 Tangled Up In Blue -- Jerry Garcia Band: 29 July 1977
06 Row Jimmy -- The Grateful Dead: 2 October 1984

Click here to download disc 2

01 Quietude -- Michael Houser: Door Harp
02 Maggot Brain -- Widespread Panic: 3 April 1996
03 Pickin' Up The Pieces > banter -- JB & Mike: 1992
04 Sandbox -- Michael Houser: Sandbox
05 Ride Me High -- Widespread Panic: 6 November 2001
06 No Need To Suffer -- Gov't Mule: Live... With A Little Help From Our Friends

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