01 August 2007

Links of the Week

Time to take a (link) dump... nerd-out style!

  • You know those words you hae to type in over at Ticketmaster to prove you're human... cool story behind those and more.
  • Am I psyched for a new Indiana Jones movie? Not sure. But Marion returns, pretty cool.
  • New York Magazine hits on some Cheap Eats in NYC. BBQ, burgers, et al. What's your favorite burger joint? I'll put the Nedstrami up against any of 'em!
  • This is cool science... and maybe the future of live music venues? Here's the money quote: "And while the farm is an urban vision, the dynamo-floor principle can also be applied to capturing energy at places like rock concerts, too. "Greater movement of people could make the music louder," suggests Jurcyzk." Imagine the possibilities -- I dub the sick!
  • Speaking of live music (and money quotes), would a post @ OTW be complete without obligatory St. Vincent content? Here's a good short interview/preview. Quoting Ms. Clark: "I feel like it was a sad day when guitar solos went out of style and I think they're on the resurge. If I'm not carrying the flag, I'd at least like to carry a banner or maybe tack something on the message board."
  • In this week in video, start off with some shit that's so scary you've got to laugh at it: Crazy about JC.
  • LOST fans should dig this pre-Lost Hurley footage.
  • Everyone else is psyched to have a trailer to go along with the new Wes Anderson movie, so am I. Check it out: Darjeeling Limited. Can't wait for that one to come out... on DVD. I ain't seen a fleckin' movie in the theater in ages -- what's good out there?
  • Finally, some video from Friday's Panic show at Radio City, courtesy of Jon Allen:
  • PS Shit's been flying fast around here, catch up on a week or two of OTW:

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