30 July 2007

Photo: HTR

We're hitting the road later this week -- I was thinking that OTW would take a vacation as well, but decided I couldn't leave y'all in the lurch. We'll start the week off with some heady downloads for your weekday listening enjoyment...

First, check out this absurd vehicle seen on the road up to Bethel. Yes, that is a Volvo wagon slapped on some sort of I don't know what. I've heard of hybrids, but... see if you can caption that contraption properly.

Onto the music, highlighting recent OTW highlights (all of 'em in a Mediafire folder):


Ohiohead said...


I love the blog and concert reviews. Do you know if there is a problem with Bethel Woods 2007 Disc #3? I have downloaded 2 or 3 times and each time I get the error message "no files to extract"!

Keep up the good work,


neddy said...

Sorry about that... please try again. someone else mentioned the same problem but was eventually able to grab it. If people are still having trouble, I can repost no problem.