19 July 2007

minimix: Jazzercise.4 (07)

Combining two regularly scheduled mixes and giving you some new-this-year jazz music this week. Although very little of it fits neatly into the "jazz" cubby hole. I can say it's all fantastic,
oftentimes sick and you should go out and buy as much of this as you can dig, ya dig? While that's always the case implicitly, these guys could probably use the help more than those regularly featured here.


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01 Miss Teardrop -- Billy Martin & John Medeski: Mago
02 Twelve -- Wayne Krantz: Your Basic Live '06
03 Maiden Voyage/Everything In Its Right Place -- Robert Glasper: In My Element
04 The Comet -- Tin Hat: The Sad Machinery Of Spring
05 Giant -- The Bad Plus: Prog
06 Yezriel -- Marc Ribot: Asmodeus: Book Of Angels Volume 7

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