23 February 2007

minimix: Old & New Vol. 1

I'll pick up on the F.Art series here and there in the coming months (if you'd like to nominate a musician or band, please do, I welcome all suggestions) as well as try to continue some of the other "series" I've left dangling.

In addition, I'd like to throw in some new tunes throughout the year instead of back loading in the fall. Here are 3 new tracks with 3 pretty old ones. A pretty dreamy near-psychedelic mix for your Friday:


Download the mix

01 GoGo's Theme -- Mike Dillon's Go-Go Jungle: Battery Milk
02 Wet And Rusting -- Menomena: Friend And Foe
03 East -- Pat Martino: East!
04 I Am Waiting -- The Rolling Stones: Aftermath
05 California -- John Mayall: The Turning Point
06 Foundation And Earth -- The Earlies: The Enemy Chorus

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