26 February 2007

Photos: Deep fried Orange... and bacon

Before I get into the meat of today's post, I'd like you to know that we're all about the OTW reader here.... er I'm all about the reader here, so if you say "make it happen!" I make it happen. That being said, I did my 1st draft on the deep fried bacon, photographic proof of such tasty deathliness, or is that deathly tastiness?

The shit was damn tasty, although I'm quite certain it'll be tastier next time. I need to use thicker/better bacon next time. I just threw what I had in the fridge in there which was Oscar Meyer brand. The package claimed "America's Favorite Bacon" which is kind of like claiming that in 2004 George Bush was "America's favorite presidential candidate" -- needless to say it was almost deep fried fat, which isn't saying that's a bad thing. But we can do better... and will!

Onto the game...

Just watched the biggest Cuse game of the year as the Orange absolutely crushed the consensus top team in the Big East and a legit top ten team, so I had to steal some photos off the AP wire and sell them off as my own blog post. It being Georgetown made it that much sweeter, but really what decade was this game played in??

Two technical fouls plus a player named Patrick Ewing (Jr.) all made for some weird Remember the 80's action. In fact, there were at least three players who were sons of former 80's stars: Jeremiah Rivers (son of young coaching phenom Doc Rivers, soon to be late of the Boston Celtics), Ewing (nearly identical to his father except he's lacking his pop's extraordinary abilities to sweat... and play basketball... I kid, I kid, he's actually pretty good) both on Georgetown and Andy Rautins from Syracuse, son of former Orangeman, and present Canadian renaissance man Leo Rautins.

In my pre-Ned days of old I spent many a winter night in the Carrier Dome booing the hell out of John Thompson and watching some sublime in-the-prime Big East action, so tonight was especially sick ass.

Bring on March!


makeithappen77 said...

Mmmmm, 2 great tastes that go great together. Nice work Neddy! Not that I have any experience, but I'd wager thicker cuts of bacon will work better. Still, the picture causes me to salvate, and that's a good thing.

As for SU, I thought about calling you during the game, but figured if we talked, we'd jinx it. Seems a big difference between the Boeheim teams of today and those of yesteryear is the presence of late season peaking. How many of the late 80's teams would cruise through Jan and Feb and then, oh I don't know, loose in the first round to Richmond?

I'm still not expecting a deep run into the tourney, but as GMac proved last year, if a player gets hot, you never know what might happen. Nichols, Devendorf & Rautins, I'm nodding in yr general direction.

neddy said...

Forgot to give it up one extra fist-pump for Rautins who, in addition to being 2nd generation whiteCusehoopster also went to my high school alma mater, which makes him the most significant Red Ram since Jon Fishman... or the Big Squeeze.

And MiH, if the improvement in the 2nd batch of wings (also done this past weekend) is repeated in the 2nd batch of bacon, look out!