14 February 2007

Links: Centennially Yours

Yesterday's Midlake review was the 100th post here at OTW, so thanks for playing along at home. That's right, Ned pulled a Roosevelt and got shit done in his first 100 days, 20 mixes, 20+ reviews, and a whole lot of unhealthy living in between... pretty much a neat 1 post per day in the past 20 weeks. A lot of those mixes are still available, so feel free to browse through the archives and if there's a particularly old one that's not up and you want it, let me know. And don't be shy, my second 100 post resolution is to get some more feedback from you, the faithful OTW readers... I even fixed those chicken wing photos for you! We're all about you here, don't forget it. You've even gotten me to become the guy I hate, schlepping my camera to shows to take blurry, poorly lit photographs of less-than-attractive jazz musicians, thanks!

In honor of #100, here are some other folk celebrating a centennial in 2007:

The State of Oklahoma
Rose Festival of Portland, OR
Medical school at the University of South Dakota

Exciting, eh?

How about this, Congress finally passed the budget so we can get on with our lives and maybe I'll actually get a raise this year! Good times.

Finally, this dude from Heroes not only went to my alma mater, but we graduated in the same class. I knew he looked familiar. It's been tough carrying the "only celebrity" flag for so long, I'm totally ready to offload.

Sorry for the lame post, I promise a fat new mix tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Neddy, that FDR action figure looks rather Rumsfeldian. Gave me the creeps actually, worrying about the "known unknowns" and all, especially this early in the morning....

-Bob Frapples

liffy said...

And you've become the person I hate with all the blogger "we" talk.

neddy said...

Oh Liffy, we were just being ironic... I think.