01 February 2007

Links: Consider the infinite oblivion, people

Not much for you today...

I'm thick in the midst of a David Foster Wallace reading-frenzy, so it was nice to find that there's a new spot of short fiction from "DFW" in the newest New Yorker (which, at the usual pace, I will probably read in full in June some time).

Thankfully, it's online, so go get you some genius: Good People.

The last book I read was the collection of short stories, Oblivion and I'm just about done with Consider the Lobster. Both are highly recommended, especially because they give you the brilliant, dense prose and complex inner-narrative in smallish easily digestible chunks. Of course, the bible, Infinite Jest should always come first and has conveniently been recently released in fancy 10-year-anniversary form. If you've got to read one book and only one book, don't die before reading this one... seriously.

Oh, and while we're throwing hyperbole around, if you didn't catch this one on Roger Federer the first time around, it may be the greatest sportswriting ever.

More DFW than you could ever dream of wanting here.

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