14 February 2007

minimix: F.Art.S Vol. 2

Guess you guys like Metzger, or at least were willing to give him a try -- last week's was the most downloaded mix yet (not counting the 2006 maxi). Let's keep the "My Guitar Pantheon" theme going with a whole slew of jimmy jam-jams with Jimmy "F'in" Herring. I had trouble whittling it down to just 6, and these probably don't even represent the best tracks from these shows, let alone the whole Herring shebang... in the interest of time and space, these should certainly suffice. If there's enough interest, I could put these entire shows up for download as well, incredibly tasty (except the Panic which is for sale).

Anyway, Jimmy's been all over the place the last couple of decades, hope you appreciate the chops half as much as I do. n.b. I was lucky enough to be at 4 of these 6 shows.

Download the mix

01 Jam -- The Dragonflys: 20 July 2005
02 Slipknot! -- Phil Lesh Quintet: 30 April 2001
03 Compared To What -- Aquarium Rescue Unit: 12 November 1993
04 Bowlegged Woman -- Widespread Panic: 31 December 2006
05 What I Say -- KVHH: 30 April 1999
06 Fountain Jam -- Rogers, Herring, Sipe, Fountain: 10 August 2006

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