21 February 2007

Links: Bob and David and Sarah (and David)

My link posting has been pretty lame lately, if not for the lifetime of this thing. I've recently started using Google Reader which has consolidated my blog reading quite conveniently and also allowed me to share links with y'all "on the fly" on the sidebar (to your right: "Ned Read.") I can highly recommend the Reader, pretty snazzy and easy as with all of Google's products. I guess I'm a Goo-slut in the worst way and I shudder to think about how much personal information those dudes have of mine between my Gmail account, regular use of Google Maps and now doing about 90% of my web-browsing via Reader, not to mention this blog. Let's hope they don't turn malevolent any time soon.

I will take this chance to recommend some more television, specifically the Sarah Silverman Program on Comedy Central. I've read a few reviews that were kind of "meh" on the show and have heard from people personally who seem to think that shit ain't funny, but I got to tell you, it's been making me laugh consistently for the first three weeks. It's a natural extension of my love for Mr Show, of which both Silverman and a few of the other cast members were a part of. Everyone seems to dwell on the non-PC/making a statement about PC aspect of the show, but really, to me, it's more of the sort of meta-comedy that Bob and David made into an art form: what Mr Show did so brilliantly to the sketch comedy show, Silverman is trying to do to the sitcom. What I'm trying to say here, is that if you don't like it, you're just not smart enough to get it. The incredibly offensiveness is just a bonus byproduct!!

Both of the links above for her show and Bob and David's site have plenty of goodies to get your funny on, but if you're really looking for something to do, pretty much every halfway decent Mr Show sketch is available on YouTube.

To get you started, here are a couple of music-related sketches:

There's plenty out there, get it on... enjoy!

Of course, the real comedy is in Caruso:


brad said...

hate ec. whoa, i can understand a lack of respect for someone who: seemed to have his biggest hits w/ other people's music, was always 6 months behind with his hairstyle, gave an absolutely lifeless performance in 'tommy' and used his celebrity status to bed only 1/10th the groupies that wilt chamberland tagged. but hate, easy tim hardaway

neddy said...

Alright, alright, not a hate bone in my body. I'll give him Layla and that's about it.