12 February 2007

Photos: Wing Work

It's been a while since I gotten deep into the food porn with you, so I'm happy to report that I got a new toy. For my birthday last month, I got a gift certificate to Cooking.com which I was happy to receive as there's a plenty long list of food-prep swag I'm needing these days... and I was all prepared to get a new knife or something usefully pedestrian like that when I got wind of this video and I made one of those make-it-or-break-it decisions to momentarily quell my inner demons, satisfy a lifelong dream, and surely take off at least 36 months off my ever-shrinking time on Terra... that's right I got a deep fryer:

Nothing restaurant-grade or anything, fits comfortably on the countertop between the defibrillator and sink, but greasy enough to feed my small family with wings and fries if the feeling should arise. The trial run was the above-video-inspired (oh, YouTube is there anything you can't do??) Smo-Fried wings [smoked BBQ style and then deep-fryed to wingy perfection] this past weekend.

I used the Bold rub from Wolfe's, which I won in a VWB contest and smoked on the Weber for 25 minutes with Maple wood chunks... here's what they looked like post-smokeout:
Then into the swimming pool:
Damn, you made some honest-to-goodness wings! Pretty damn good for my first attempt, I must say.
Just used some good old Frank's-based sauce, but will certainly be looking forward to experimentin' in the future. If you've got any good wing-sauce recipes, or deep-fryer recipes for that matter, pass 'em on! The Maple-smoking definitely makes a difference... between that and the rub, there was flavor to spare.

The wings brought back memories of the crazy wing chow-downs we used to have in our suite Sophomore year courtesy of Wing Works. Those were some fat-assed cluckers -- they were like the Mcguire-and-Sosa-circa-98 magnitude chicken wings... I'm not even sure they were from chickens they were so mammoth. If anyone knows where I can get my hands on some freak poultry like that, let me know.


C-Dawg said...

Neddy, I can't see the pics...please fix. My taste buds are going limp!

makeithappen77 said...

Neddy, I got 3 words for ya, chicken fried bacon. I've never tried it, but it's the first thing I'd make if I had a deep fryer.

Batter: (stolen from cooks.com)

2 tbsp. sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
2 eggs
1 tbsp. baking powder
1 c. milk
Mix the first four ingredients with half the milk and stir until smooth. Add remainder of milk and mix well. (I'd add some freshly ground black pepper too.)

Dip the bacon in the batter and dredge in flour or, for even more crispy goodness, use a 3/4 flour & 1/4 crushed corn flake dredge.

Drop in deep fryer for maybe 5-7 minutes? I have no idea (since I've never made it.) You're gonna have to figure out the cooking time and report back.

Enjoy taking even more time off your earthly life.


makeithappen77 said...

Oh yeah, here's the bacons I'd try it with:

1 lb of Applewood Smoked Bacon
14 oz Kentucky Hickory Smoked Bacon
1 lb of Arkansas Peppered Bacon

Available at http://www.zingermans.com, although you can get a great peppercorn crusted bacon at Garden of Eden on 14th near Union Square. I made Joyce & Bret (Well just Bret really) some amazing bacon wrapped scallops with it once.

neddy said...

Oh Blogger, you bitch. Not sure what's up with the photos, I will correct when I get home.

makeithappen, I will try out that bacon posthaste and report back when I recover.

neddy said...

Photos have been restored... for you Mr. Dawg.

Eric said...

ahh, i remember those gluttonous, dionysian nights of devouring so many @#$@#$ wings that we I think you even got sick one night.