19 February 2007

Photo: The Boy's Day Out

The Boy had his first taste of the cruel, cold world of the athletic arena today, his first whiff of sweaty, gladiatorial competition... that's right, his first sporting event: Harlem Globetrotters live and in person!! (cue Sweet Georgia Brown) The kid did surprisingly well after a steady infusion of syrupy beverage, deep fried snacks and the coup de grace: the Carvel twist. Next step: The Carrier Dome.

[Thanks to birthday boy, David C and family for the fun afternoon in the dirty Jerz]

And for those of you who could care less what my son and I did this long weekend, I add that while we still might be weeks away from chicken fried bacon, we did our first batch of homemade french fries and they were yum for the whole family.

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