25 July 2007

Teh Lame

It's the dog days here at OTW... exhausted and busy and taking much longer to recover from a couple Panic shows than it used to. I'll have 2 reviews eventually and a lil' Nedstalgia taboot. For now, thanks for your patience.


Utterly absurd promo read by Gary Cohen during the broadcast of the Mets win over Pittsburgh last night... pretty much word for word:

"Guess the Met who will hit the most home runs in the month of July and the number of home runs hit and you will be eligible for a drawing for a chance to throw out the pitch at a Mets game..."

potentially, that is.

Also, as related by the Big Squeeze, LJ magic from the back seat:

LJ (5.5 years): [reading billboard] Boys & Girls Club. It's good that it's for boys and girls, because it wouldn't be nice to excloooooode anyone.

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