17 July 2007

Photo: Randomitis

In the spirit of our last random crop of 6 tunes for the minimix, here are 6 random items/thoughts/etc. with some tunes included, of course.

  1. Let's get to the tunes right away. Tonight I'm hoping to hit a super self-made double bill. Marc Ribot (FARTS mix here) is playing for free early and then St. Vincent at the Bowery Ballroom. Here is the sickest guitar playing you'll ever hear, bonus Ribot download, from live The Gift show a few years back. Quick-and-easy download, you won't be sorry!
  2. Pictured above is my new home, workwise, at least. We're having an open house thingie on Sunday. If you're in the neighborhood (say, in town for Panic, or going to the beach) and always wondered what OTW's day job was, feel free to stop by.
  3. Note: No I don't want to hear about your iPhone or any other Mac related love you've got to share. I'm glad you're happy with your computer. I am too. STFU.
  4. Is it just me or are there a whole slew of rabbits running about? I've never seen so many as I have this summer. I actually saw two of them have a fistfight in my backyard early one morning, I kid you now. Is this related to the disappearance of the bees?
  5. I didn't know it was possible, but my ability to listen to Warren Haynes has reached it's limit. This happened halfway through listening to a Phil Lesh Quintet show from a couple years back. Dun.
  6. Shot my still-shitty-but-it's-something best round of golf this season this past Sunday. Bethpage Green. Got there at 4:30, 6:10 tee time, done by 11. That's living. There's something about golf... I've got a million things going on in my life and yet my brain still seems to be able to settle on thinking about it whenever it can. Played with 3 Japanese guys who didn't speak hardly none English whatsoever. Some things are universal, though... very quickly learned the equivalent of "shit/fuck/cocksucker."

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