05 July 2007

Links of the Week

Holiday week, not much exciting for you.

  • Make your own Simpsons avatar here. [see mine above]. Real psyched for the movie. This is the coolest promo ever, by the way. And there was a well-timed Simpsons quote from the New Pornographers yesterday at their free show (review pending) and I saw someone there with a box of Krusty-O's. Sweet!
  • Download MP3's of Wilco at Hammerstein here.
  • Random, but see SI's list of top Cuse athletes here.
  • Awesome Ryan Adams video for his Halloween Head here.
  • Download this Fiery Furnaces show I would have gone to if I wasn't too exhausted (see above... er, below if you missed the review) here.
  • Get your cheeseburger on at this awesome blog. Pay close attention to this one (link not kosher). I've eaten at Shake Shack twice in the past week and feel I am a better man for it. Oh so worth it! Desert island cheeseburger.

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