15 August 2007

Links of the Week

A link a dink a bottle of ink, the cork fell off and these stink... just a small handful for ya...

  • Pic above kindly swiped from Dino Perrucci, who is now photoblogging here. Dino is one of the good guys and he gives great f'in photo, so be sure to bookmark that site and send him some love... but be careful, he'll make your pictures feel like a pile of poop.
  • Brother Liffy's got some nice videos from the Newport Folk Fest as a companion to the pix and reviews posted here last week. Well worth your time. In addition, we both somehow missed Grace Potter getting intimate offstage, but this nice YouTube helps us pretend we were there.
  • If this comes true... SICK! Can't believe, I haven't made it to Shea this season -- je suis lame.
  • There are tribute bands and then there's this... fuck yeah!
  • Dee reminds me it's been 3 years since last Phish (yesterday). Crazy. Love the internet's ability to freeze things in time, here's the Coventry website still ticking like it was born yesterday. Here was my post-weekend rundown.
  • S'all I got.

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