12 June 2008

minimix: F.Art.S. Vol. 8

Sorry, took last week off, hope you managed. Getting back into it with another nasty axe-slinger: John McLaughlin. Enjoy the shreddage...

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01 Gemini / Double Image -- Miles Davis: Live-Evil (1970)
02 You And Me -- Zakir Hussain: Making Music (1987)
03 Frevo Rasgado -- John Mclaughlin & Paco DeLucia: Friday Night In San Francisco (1981)
04 Do You Hear The Voices You Left Behind? -- John McLaughlin: Electric Guitarist (1979)
05 A Love Supreme -- John McLaughlin & Carlos Santana: Live In Chicago (1973)
06 Meeting Of The Spirits -- Mahavishnu Orchestra: Inner Mounting Flame (1971)

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