24 December 2008

2008 in Review: The Burger List

So, we were driving up to Syracuse last night and shortly after (finally!) getting over the George Washington Bridge, the Big Squeeze was asking about stopping for food. Suddenly, a revelation, we were passing through Hackensack... I'd finally get a chance to check out the fabled White Mana. I never realized how easy-on/easy-off it was... well, easy considering considering the quality of these sliders. My only regret is not grabbing napkins and having to drive the remainder with yummy, greasy fingers. Could have been worse. It is unlikely that we'll pass that exit without a little detour again.

Anyway, this year I fully embraced my love of the cheeseburger and made it a point to check out as many of the big NYC-area burger joints as I could in 2008. Seeing as I'm mired in my year-end extravaganza, it's a good time to debut my top tri-state burger rankings. I'll update from time to time as I certainly intend to continue my quest into 2009. Any recommendations are appreciated.

Ned's NYC Burger List (4/7/2009)

  1. Shake Shack
  2. American Roadside Burger (Smithtown)
  3. White Mana (Hackensack)
  4. City Burger (Black Label)
  5. Dumont's (Brooklyn)
  6. J.G. Melon
  7. Five Guys (Brooklyn)
  8. Blue Smoke
  9. Veselka
  10. Hildebrandts (Williston)
  11. All-American Burger (Massapequa)
  12. Island Burger
  13. Burger Joint
  14. Corner Bistro
  15. Fatburger (Jersey City)


Liffy said...

wow, burgers so good you can travel in time. How does it look from 6 days in the future?

C-Dawg said...

Good list Future Neddy..."Ned's NYC Burger List (12/30/2008)"

Next time you're in Fort Greene get the burger at Abistro (154 Carlton Ave).

neddy said...

Alright, alright.. the list will be the same next week.

Joe said...

Very happy to see the white mana on that list. Way to represent yo!