18 December 2009

Favorite Movies of 2009

updated 1/3/2010:

Kid-free this week, so got to see a couple movies. Updated list (original below):

  1. A Serious Man
  2. Fantastic Mr. Fox
  3. Ponyo
  4. Broken Embraces
  5. The Hangover
  6. I Love You, Man
  7. Adventureland
  8. Avatar
  9. Up
  10. The Informant!
  11. Funny People
  12. Crazy Heart
  13. Where the Wild Things Are
  14. Let the Right One In
  15. The Class
  16. Up in the Air
  17. Whip It!
  18. Cold Souls
  19. Coraline
  20. (500) Days of Summer
  21. Two Lovers
  22. Monsters Vs. Aliens
  23. District 9
original post:

As usual, I didn't get out to see as many movies as I'd have liked, there are some I think would make this list in retrospect once I see them, but, until then. For my tastes this was both a very strong and very weak year for movies. Probably my three favorite filmmakers all had potentially "career best" showings and "The Hangover" might just have been the funniest movies I've seen in quite some time. There's a pretty serious drop-off after that and all told I couldn't come up with much more than these that I really "liked." For better or worse, half the movies I saw in the theaters were with a 7 and 5 year old, which may reflect in the list.
  1. A Serious Man
  2. Fantastic Mr. Fox
  3. Ponyo
  4. The Hangover
  5. I Love You, Man
  6. Adventureland
  7. Up
  8. The Informant!
  9. Where the Wild Things Are
  10. Let the Right One In
  11. The Class
  12. Whip It!
  13. Cold Souls
  14. Coraline
  15. (500) Days of Summer
  16. Two Lovers
  17. Monsters Vs. Aliens
  18. District 9

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