29 December 2009

ResideNYC's (TM) of the Decade

An addendum to the last post about my favorite shows of the 2000's, here are my favorite NYC residencies, either long-running or one-off's, that made the decade what it was...

  1. Wayne Krantz @ 55 Bar, Thursdays -- this residency came to a close a year or two ago, sadly. I'm quite certain that this high a level of music was not made consistently for this long on a weekly basis anywhere at any time. The backbone was the K3 trio, but no matter who was playing with Wayne, it was pure magic.
  2. Benevento/Russo Duo @ Tap Bar, Knitting Factory, Thursdays 2002 -- every up-and-coming band should come to New York, find themselves a weekly gig and just play as long as it takes to find "it." If "it"'s out there, they'll find it. Here is the quintessential it-finding.
  3. Jenny Scheinman @ Barbes, Tuesdays -- the only on this list that are still going, and perhaps the most intimate and special. If you happen to be in Brooklyn early on a Tuesday night, make your way to Park Slope and hope that Jenny is playing. Doesn't matter with whom she's playing, just go.
  4. Marco Benevento @ Sullivan Hall, 1/2008 -- even when this sucked it was pretty awe-inspiring.
  5. Rana @ Tribeca Rock Club 1/2003 -- the residency that was. I may be imagining it, but I think Pink played drums with them during this run?
  6. Robert Randolph @ Lakeside Lounge 11/2000; @ Mercury Lounge 4/2001 -- watched a guy go from too shy to even speak to shaking his hips with any young lady who dared step on stage in a matter of 5 months. Now that's a residency!
  7. Joe Russo, Matt Rubano et al (Summer Sessions) @ Lanksy Lounge, Summer 2001 -- short lived at an even shorter lived venue, but it was some magic. Turned me from a Joe Russo admirer to a full-fledged zealot. Residency went on to reside at other venues, but none were the same as Lansky.
  8. Allman Brothers Band March of every year @ Beacon Theater -- what could be said?
  9. Derek Trucks Band 3/2000 -- Back in 2000, Derek was already amazing, but still young and hungry as heck. While the Allmans did their thing uptown, Derek hit every venue he could playing jazz clubs, rock clubs and all those places in-between. Sometimes a lot of people came to see him, some times just a few, but it was always amazing.
  10. Marco Benevento 11/2006 @ Tonic -- Marco makes this list thrice -- he's the ResideMVP!

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