16 November 2006

Links: Freakers

Two links today, both highlighting a couple of the "People To Read" roll here.

First is the Trans-Americas Journey. Eric and Karen and their beloved Silverado, pictured above, are two mondo music freaks like you and me, but they're doing the ultimate reset, dropping out and traveling coast-to-coast old-school road-trip style for like three years or something obscene like that. The site is a treasure chest of Eric's amazing photography and Karen's witty anecdotes. Check in on them every once in a while and see what comfort food they've found in bizarre places like Idaho and outposts in that 51st state up North and scratch your head over their unhealthy relationship with their vehicle. Highly recommended for all ages... start at the beginning and work your way across the continents. What wacky adventures will those crazy kids get into next?

Second, a renewed shout out for Hidden Track the newish live-ish music blog over at Glide Magazine. Ace & Co. are starting to hit their stride and the site is becoming a pit stop must on your daily travels through this interweb. Tis the goods all around.

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