07 April 2008

Downloads of the Week

Three great shows for your listening pleasure this week. Enjoy and remember you can always check out the updated OTW master list of available shows for download here.

First up is a postscript to the tracked-NPR motherlode from back a couple weeks... here's a recently offered Stephen Malkmus show from DC. Good shit. I caught Malkmus last week and will have a review up shortly. Second is another I-saw-this-show-in-a-different-city offering, by request, The Dreamers from Philly. My review of the Brooklyn show(s) here, but I can sum it up by saying, really, really, really good shit... like best ever. Last, from the DAT collection is a 10-years-ago this week offering of a Fareed Haque hit from Chicago. I saw Fareed in Chi-town a couple months after this one when I was in town for a work thing. I dragged my sister-in-law and her friend to the gig which may have been a mistake because it was out there... but they still dug it. You should dig this one, it's way more accessible and Fareed is a true master... and was much more enjoyable (I think) in his pre-Garaj-Mahal days.


Stephen Malkmus
9:30 Club, Washington DC
28 March 2008
Download it!

The Dreamers
International House, Philadelphia, PA
2 March 2008
Download it!

Fareed Haque
Martyr's, Chicago, IL
11 April 1998
Download it!

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