17 April 2008

minimix: HB2TB

The little guy turns 4 today. Last year it was trains... now quickly forgotten. This year Spidey leads off a quickie mix. Enjoy The Boy-centric six pack (with gratuitous Marco inclusion just to see how many of these I can squeeze him in on).

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01 Spider Man
02 Boisa-bis-o-boisa -- Jens Lekman
03 Cat Creeps -- Medeski, Martin & Wood
04 What I Want Is A Proper Cup Of Coffee -- Trout Fishing In America
05 Old MacDonald -- Baby Loves Jazz
06 Birthday Boy -- Marco Benevento & Scott Metzger

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1 comment:

rocdoc said...

i went through some DLs related to john zorn and got bumped over here somehow- and i HAD to leave a comment especially because on the day you posted this, no-one else did.
sad but it happens, but i couldn't let this go - i also have a son born in 2004. 9 yrs old like yours is now. born the 4th of july i shit you not.
april 17th also happens to be MY birthday...i'm SURE you've been having one great birthday after another with him, like us.
still for you to have made this 'boycentric' mix and get zip comments?
THAT sorta shit gets to me.

i noticed.
here's to our AWESOME freaking 9 year olds, eh?
i sure hope you're all doing great!