23 May 2008

minimix: Jazzercise.8 Tzadik08

Here's a little incestuously Tzadik-heavy (+ Benevento) new-in-2008 sextet for you. I'm hopelessly behind -- need some recs on good quote-unquote "jazz" albums out this year that I need to pick up. Any help?


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01 Tears Of Morning -- Friedlander/Cohen/Burger -- John Zorn's Filmworks XIX
02 Are You The Favorite Person Of Anybody -- Marco Benevento: Invisible Baby
03 Gediel -- Bar Kokhba: Lucifer
04 Bird Boy -- Cyro Baptista: Banquet Of The Spirits
05 A Ride on Cottontail -- John Zorn's The Dreamers
06 Reuben -- Steven Bernstein: Diaspora Suite

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