14 December 2006

Links: Mediafire Madness

I'll try to cut down on the circular self-referential posts for a while, but here's a little MPfree-a-thon in the spirit of giving. A few of the shows I've reviewed recently zipped up for download from Mediafire.

Hammerstein Ballroom, 31 October 2006 (read the review)

Guttman, Tonic, 1 November 2006: Download the show (read the review)

My Morning Jacket, Electric Factory, 1 December 2006: Download the show (read the review)


Something a little different as well....

The Bad Plus is one bad ass piano trio, but they're also a pretty geeky bunch, especially Ethan Iverson, the piano player. The band blog, Do The Math, which is primarily kept up by Iverson, is a wonderful addendum to his live-show-schtick, a real feel for what makes the guy tick. Presently, Iverson is "interviewing" a wide range of jazz musicians with a template questionnaire to get feedback on their musical influences et al. Makes for some interesting reading from both the musicians you know and those you don't. Start off here and here with the Bad Plus musicians themselves and then move on to Brad Mehldau and Jason Moran's answers
and then keep on scrolling up with this, this, this and this. Seems like they've got a neverending trove of jazzers to keep them (and us) occupied for a while.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are tuning in to the Do The Math questionnaire-fest. I was so totally unsurprised to see the Vertigo and Solaris soundtracks heavily name-checked by members of the trio and those in their orbit. They are positively Nedriculous and worthy of your attention.

-Bob Frapples