19 December 2006

Photo: Hanu-Q

Happy Hanukkah!!

What goes better with latkes and family than one tastycake, slow-cooked brisket? In what must have been a Hanukkah miracle, the confluence of weather, timing, smoke and spices made this slab quite possibly the tastiest thing I've made to date. The trick to the Macabbean-strength brisket is to simultaneously smoke ribs on top. This serves the purpose of constantly basting your beef with pork drippings as well as giving you a rack of ribs or two to stuff your maw with. For all you Bulleteers out there, this is the only way to go, I mean, just look at that thing. The real miracle would have been if it had lasted for 8 days, but alas, both sides of the family were in town and made quick work of this masterpiece.

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