21 December 2006

minimix: LJ Special

I'll get back into new music all next week with some "favorites of 2006" lists and a maxi-year-end mix next Friday (if I can sort everything out by then).

Until then, in honor of my lil' girl turning five today (send her an email, I assure you she'll reply and tell you she loves you) and perhaps more importantly my surviving five freakin' years of fatherhood, a little children's music for you that hopefully is equally worthy of your discerning adult ears. Kid's music grows increasingly intriguing to me as time goes on -- the ultimate in kiddie music is the same in any other genre, but boiled down to the basics -- the ultimate hook. Here's a nice set that somehow teaches you counting, colors, geography, nursery rhymes and the dangers of gluttony. If you've got some favorite "kindie rock," please share...

As always, feel free to pass on.

Download the mix

"Then he ate ten twinkies, some ice cream and some oreos
And Slow Mo Joe wasn't so slow no more..."

01 Mahnamahna -- The Muppets
02 Alphabet of Nations -- They Might Be Giants
03 Slo Mo Joe -- David Weinstone: Music For Aardvarks And Other Mammals 7
04 West Indian Counting Song -- Dan Zanes, Aggie Decaul & Courin Gibbs: House Party
05 Upside Down -- Jack Johnson: Sing-A-Longs & Lullabies For The Film Curious George
06 Jenny Jenkins -- Jerry Garcia & David Grisman: Not For Kids Only
07 The Window -- Trout Fishing In America: Big Trouble

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