20 December 2006

(P)review: Freaks Ball Se7en


(Apollo Sunshine photos pilfered from Beatrice Evangelista)

No review this week, instead of looking backwards, let's look forward to what will certainly be one of the throwdowns of 2007, the 7th installment of the freak-out known as the Freaks Ball.

Unbelievably, it's been seven years of the ole bump and hustle and this year we have a tremendous "tastemakers special" line-up, and you are cordially invited to join us in partying down.

The details:

Freaks Ball VII
Brooklyn, NY
27 January 2007

Apollo Sunshine

Chris Harford & The Band of Changes

The Dansettes

Tickets are a mere $20 for what will certainly be a long, dirty, drunken evening. Ticket availability is never guaranteed, so do yourself a favor and get yours now here. (They make great Kwanzaa gifts!)

I could go on about each band individually, how freakin' SICK it's all gonna be, etc., but you're better off just listening for yourself, so we've put together a little download mix to get an idea of what kind of fun we'll be having. So download these tunes buy your tickets and get ready to roll.

Of course, it's gonna be freakin' sick, party of the year... get involved!

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