11 January 2007

Links: Random smattering

The above image is from a fantastic t-shirt which was listed on the T-Shirt Critic Blog, which is a great place to hop over to every once in a while. Let's face it, cool t-shirts are, well, really cool, and these guys are bringing that appreciation to the next level. This Rushmore shirt is also quite sharp. I'm pretty sure I was sent there by BoingBoing, which is usually the case for those out-of-the-ordinary links.

On the other end of the Blog spectrum you have Malcolm Gladwell's site. This earns the distinction of being one of the few blogs whose comments section is actually used for intelligent discussion. I mean even the trolls make good points. It's also a sign of the times when someone writes an article, revisits it shortly on a blog and then mixes it up directly with the readers in such a forum. Check out Gladwell's newest New Yorker article on Enron which, whether you agree with his points or not, is a pretty fascinating look at something that's been hashed over pretty good. Then go and follow up here and here for some additional perspective and the interesting and well-informed insights of his reader. See, the 'net doesn't have to be all boobies and flame throwing.

Finally, what would I be if I didn't throw you some tunes:

First, via Andy "CahnMedia" Cahn and Hidden Track I point you in the direction of this sure-to-be-killer The Band tribute album: Endless Highway. Click on "Music" and you can hear all the tracks in their entirety and you'll want to block out some time for these, Widespread Panic plays "Chest Fever" with horns, Gomez kills "Up On Cripple Creek," MMJ, ABB, Death Cab and on and on. This ain't no shitty dust-collecting tribute album.

Second, OTW is a big Jimmy Herring fluffer, so I urge you to check out this sweet YouTube of some sort of guitar clinic that Jimmy's teaching. I have no idea what he's talking about for about 90% of the time, but it's sweet to watch this guy dissect the music, talk about, ad lib, etc.

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