30 January 2007

Photos: Freaks Ball VII

My review of the night in one word or less is: !

Listen for yourself, download the sets (MP3's via Mediafire):
Band of Changes Set I (w/ Dean Ween)
Band of Changes Set II
Apollo Sunshine

My half-assed photos from the evening...

The Dansettees got everyone warmed up with some groovin'

Next up was Chris Harford and the Band of Changes

Chris giving it up to the baddest rhythm section in town: Russo & Dreiwitz

Ween is in the house

These guys freakin' rocked

So did these guys: Apollo Sunshine

Dirty, dirty rock and roll

But, not to be outdone, BOC returns for the late set

Some guests join in, but the Freaks Ball Hall of Famers are Scott Metzger...

...and Sir Joe Russo!

Some other FB photos: here and here.

Dee also took a couple short videos:

Harford & Band of Changes:

Apollo Sunshine:

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