17 January 2007

Links: FBVII Countdown

Freaks Ball is around the corner, so I might have to put on my pimp suit once or twice in the next week.

Details: Saturday 1/27 at Southpaw in Brooklyn, USA.

Tickets are going at a pretty good clip, so get yours now: right here!!

As a reminder, we've got three sweet, sweet acts playing, DJ's, crazy Freaks and one of the sweetest rooms in town.

Apollo Sunshine just flat out kicks ass, nothing more needs to be said, but I'll expound nonetheless, should it please the court, with some links for your consideration. Seriously, these guys are about to blow up -- they even make a cameo in the recent U2 video alongside some already legends -- what more proof do you need... OK, they get Ropeadope love, too! Satisfied?)

Chris Harford is somewhat of a live music cult legend in NYC, and if you need any proof, check out his rotating cast of characters in his ever-morphing Band of Changes. Better yet, look at who that Band will be come next Saturday: Scott Metzger on guitar, Dave Dreiwitz on bass and Joe Russo on drums. You will not find a better backing band in the universe -- you can have Plant, Jones and Bonham, I'll take these three [he said with just a hint of hyperbole]. Seriously, they all have the same middle name -- that being Fucking as in Joe Fucking Russo. Listen to Chris at Myspace or the tracks on his site or better yet, download this show from last fall with this exact same lineup, DUDE!

The Dansettes are some old school R&B/funk/soul that will bring a smile to your face and that boogie to your bottom. Check out this YouTube or listen to some of their hopping EP at Myspace and get ready to party.

So there you have it. Tis the season to party down with the Freaks, so I hope you'll join us.

The details:

Freaks Ball VII
Saturday, 27 January 2007
Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY
Apollo Sunshine
Chris Harford & the Band of Changes (Russo, Metzger, Dreiwitz)
The Dansettes
Tickets: $20 (go get 'em!)

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