04 January 2007

Links: Recapping the recaps

Let's take one last gasp of 2006 before trudging forward. Last week was all about my picks for the end of the year, but I don't know shit about nuthin', so here are some other lists of some of the best music, etc. from 2006. If you've got a list of your own or one worthwhile, shoot me the link...

The in thing seems to be to poll the cool kids and then let the :

The fine folks at Ropeadope have lists from Benevento, Gordon, Shaggy and a few other notables.

Glide Magazine
has a nice cross-section of musicians, as do JamBase, but nothing beats a beat-down from a list of Pitchfork's "favorite artists." Mike Greenhaus over at Jambands.com takes the interview tack, in three parts.

Then there are the master lists:

Gentlemen, start your gagging... Pitchfork is a vomitorium of picks from 2006, providing their overall 50 Best Albums & 100 Best Tracks as well as their individual staff member picks for Albums and Tracks.

Glide's Top 20

JamBase lists 20 from off the radar.

For something a little different, Fred Kaplan at Slate takes time from his day job to list his top jazz albums of the year. He always does a bang up job with this, so it's more a statement of my being bone dry in the jazz department these days that I don't have a single one of these titles than any critique of his picks.

But I did promise you cool kids, so here's a random smattering from:

the Fabulous SuperDee; Rob Ronanea; Yglesias; the incomparable Brooklyn Vegan; Sasha Frere-Jones and of course the folks at Hidden Track have their own angle on the whole end of year nonesense.

So who am I missing?

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