26 April 2007

Links of the Week

Some more random hits fer ya

  • Remember that Do Make Say Think show I was so fond of? TR points me in the direction of this sweet pro-level video of that night. Check it! Love it!
  • Where are the bees?
  • Friday Night Lights gets reprieve? So says TV Guide.
  • We had our yearly Meat-O-Rama this past weekend... and not a photo was taken of the 50-some lbs of flesh I cooked. Check out this silly blog instead.
  • On the music/pop front, I found this essay from the NYTimes Magazine a couple weeks ago pretty interesting. Seeing ultra-talented musicians come and go in New York, I've always felt that the difference between those who make it and those who don't is little more than luck and this pretty much explains that.
  • Check out these awesome kiddie Lost t-shirts
  • Photos of that St. Vincent show I saw here and here. Ratatat shots here (that's one of mine up above)
  • Liffy goes to Europe... and does what all Americans in Europe do: sees American band play. !!! review here.
  • For the thinkers amongst us: this post (about child cognition) and this New Yorker article (about isolated Amazonian language) seem to be related to each other in interesting ways. Dude, think about it. Read them both and have your paper (5 pages, double-spaced) on my desk in the morning.
  • Speaking of the New Yorker (sometimes I feel like my whole life is geared toward Sisyphean task of catching up with this magazine): this article is noteworthy if only because no less an authority than Alex Ross calls John Zorn "the long-reigning master of genre ambiguity." That article made me realize (again) that no matter how much music you see in New York, you'll never see it all and rarely will you see the most interesting thing going on that night. My new life goal is to get to the point where I can take a year and just go see music every night.
  • For the non-thinkers, Harry and the Hendersons has been released in the long-awaited special edition DVD. I'm not sure the world is ready for it.
  • Finally, check out this neat Coke ad feat. a jingle by Jack White. The jingle is a dying art form, methinks, but White can really do no wrong it seems, so good for him:

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