22 April 2007

Nedstalgia: 10 Years Ago

Loving all the looking back. Turns out this is a good time to do all this because I saw a shitload of great/watershed musicstufs in 92, 97 and 02. Today, more Panic...

Widespread Panic 1997 was some heady shit as the kids used to say. About this time 10 years ago, the band was sweeping up on a rare extensive Northeast jaunt. The Big Squeeze and I headed down to Asbury Park for a midweek show that would be the first of many off-day sickness in random parts of the county.

The internet wins again. Here's an early (prehistoric?) Ned review posted the Spreadnet at the time. I wasn't as verbose back then, I'm sorry to say, but you're probably not sorry to hear! Fun to scroll the archives and see what got some words out of me at the time. Weird to think that is the same person as I am today -- my former self is a different entity. Looking at this review, I'm most struck with the fact that I felt comfortable enough to post my home address at the bottom. The archives also point out that the Squeeze was the first to post the setlist which I'm pretty sure she took herself. When you find a woman who's willing to write down a setlist, you marry her posthaste.

Anyway, the show was a burner, notable for some serious Mikey Houser. The whole thing was pretty shaking, but highlights were an intense Genesis> B of D> Barstools, the nice jam out of Gradle and the slow, steaming Porch > Stop Go. Ah, sweet segues! Oh yeah, Vacation > Rebirtha. Download 'em one at a time by using the links above, or here's the entire show, SBD, in easily digested hunks (big thanks for BT for sharing!!)

Part II
Part III
Part IV

The next few nights included a trip to the Beacon (the band's first) which was also good, but not good enough for me to track down for you (as a prof in grad school used to say in a thick Russian accent: "you can do it YOURself"). But the hit of the week was undoubtedly the Burlington show on the 27th. Liffy posts to the spreadnet on his weekend w/ Panic... do yourself a favor: get that Burlington show.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like some link-to-the-spreadnet-archives challenges. Would love to read your proto-Ned review so maybe you could post the whole thing.

-Bob Frapples

neddy said...

Links fixed? Let me know.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog old man, make sure you take a listen to 4/21/07 Jimmy does it right!!

Great review but I am enjoying reading your other rants as well, especially like your conversation about how roads are built!!

take care,

Anonymous said...

Links working. Genesis > B of D is enough to make me want to go on tour again.

-Old Man Bob Frapples