16 April 2007

Photo: Time Travels

We're celebrating The Boy this week here at OTW, as he turns 3 tomorrow. This pic just about captures what it's like to be a younger brother at this stage of his life. As such, it's Hank Week which is kinda like Shark Week without the sharks.

We started on Sunday which was a Just Dad day fighting the cold wind and rain. We hit the new kidflick "Meet the Robinsons." The movie was the third in a trilogy preceded by The Terminator and Back to the Future, which is to say it was largely about time travel. I'm no member of the Academy, but this was a little intense for a G rating. I mean the Big Squeeze gets a bit rattled trying to wrap her head around Michael J Fox running into another version of himself, what are the little ones supposed to make of this? I don't understand how difficult it is to come out with some halfway decent material for the rated-G set but it is... the movie dudes should realize that if they just rotated through Finding Nemo and Peter Pan, etc. every week they'd probably sell an equal number of movie tickets to any other crap available on a Saturday afternoon. Anyway, becoming quite an expert in this stuff, I give this one a B-.

Of course, alone time in the car w/ dad = deep thoughts from LJ. Amongst the stream of non sequiturs :

LJ: How do they make roads?
Dad: Well, they flatten out the ground and then they take asphalt which is like little crushed up rocks and tar and they lay it down and then a big roller truck makes it all flat.
LJ: And then what?
Dad: Well, that's it, then they have a road.
LJ: ...
Dad: And then a truck comes around and paints all the lines.
LJ: That's what I was wondering about!
LJ: Dad, look! Did you see that?
Dad: What?
LJ: A tiger just ran by!
Dad: Really?
LJ: April Fools!
Dad: April Fools Day already passed a couple weeks ago.
LJ: It's still April isn't it? I'm celebrating April Fools Month!
[midway through conversation about trip earlier this month on which family flew JetBlue]
LJ: ...even the plane was fun... we had coloring books and TV!
Dad: Yeah, that was good. When I flew on airplanes when I was a kid we didn't have TV's.
LJ: You mean you lived in the olden days!?!
Dad: It wasn't that long ago.
LJ: But you didn't have TV!
Dad: On the plane, we didn't have TV on the plane. We had TV's at home.
LJ: Oh...
Dad: We didn't have a computer, though, when I was your age.
LJ: Wha!? You really did live in the olden days!

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