11 October 2007

Links of the Week

Sorry no review yesterday, but you know what? There's been nothing to review, goddamnit! I'm going to try and change that, but who knows... here's a what-to-watch version of the links.

I guess I can "review" the season premier of the thank-God-it's-back Friday Night Lights from last week. My biggest fear from last year, even when I was singing its praises, was that they'd exhaust every conceivable interesting plot line in the first season just trying to keep the show alive that they'd have nothing left for subsequent seasons. Without spoiling anything from Friday's episode, it's quite possible that this is the case. But that was still some damn good television, nonetheless and I'll remain a faithful fluffer of FNL until otherwise persuaded.

I'm still wading through some DVR action, but haven't found too much to get excited about that's new this year. I've found "Chuck" to be cheeseball enjoyable and am looking forward to checking out "Pushing Daisies" when I get the chance, but otherwise I'm sticking with the bread and butter that got me through last year's television diet. What have you got for me? What should I be giving a chance to?

On to the links...

What have you got for me?

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