22 October 2007

Photos of the Week

Been a while since I've shared some Q with you, so here is some falling-off-the-bone goodness from this weekend's smoke.

Rubbed and ready pre-cook with the smoke wood -- went with maple this time around.

Five hours at 250 degrees Fahrenheit later, sauced with some Dinosaur Honey Garlic for add some homemade frenchfries from the d.f.f round out one helluva tasty meal if I may say so myself.


Brian Ferdman said...

What are your thoughts on maple vs. your beloved hickory? Could you taste the difference, for better or for worse?

neddy said...

The maple was good... you can definitely tell the difference. It's a much milder, more subtle taste than the hickory which is so distinctive and relatively strong. I couldn't say it's better or worse, just different and definitely great.