18 October 2007

Links of the Week

Links/rambling mashup today...

Another one of those weeks. I am incredibly aggravated these days two main reasons. 1 -- I can't find my (relatively expensive, prescription) sunglasses and have no freakin' clue where they are; 2 -- [Mac owners cover your ears, I don't need your sanctimony] our computer crashes, on average, every 10 minutes. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Anyhoo, some more loverandomness for ya:

  • Link of the week: send a little NOLA love up the Empire State Building.
  • Found a TV show worth plugging. ABC's Pushing Daisies. There are plenty of things wrong with this show, but at its heart it just makes you happy to watch it. A total alternate universe in the Edward Scissorhands mold, the whimsical production are perfectly pitched. Definitely recommend.
  • The weekly quick YouTube to give you that much needed Thursday chuckle. Turtles!
  • File under what the internet was invented for: fantastic blog when you need a little bit more than a chuckle (h/t ABO).
  • Was happy to see Jenny get some love elsewhere this week.
  • Speaking of Tueday night, in between shows I had some time to kill and some hunger to satiate, so I ate here to round out the Brooklyn experience... even though it was a bit out of the way. Fantastic cheeseburger, an equal to the Shake Shack. They have a lot of accolades on the wall, many of them touting the fries which were good, but nothing I haven't equaled in my fryer at home. I don't fashion myself as much of a foodie, but apparently a freshly cut potato deep fried with some salt sprinkled on it is a novelty worth crooning about. So be it.
  • Do you HopStop? I love it and used it to great effect on Tuesday. The best part is just texting two locations to HOPSTOP and getting detailed info returned to you instantly. We're getting dangerously close to the point where I'm walking down the street and manipulating my phone at the same time so I don't see the little flower bed gate around a tree in the sidewalk and then I walk into it and nearly kill myself but at the very least bruise my shin pretty badly. No wait, we're already at that point, that was another thing I accomplished while out and about this week.

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