13 December 2007

Links (and rambling) of the Week

And why not cram a week's lot of posts into a flurry of sorry blog activity. Still fighting the preschool cough I've had for the better part of the last week, so blogging has been difficult.

Just know that you missed longwinded play-by-plays of Phish in Hartford and Albany in 1997. The long and short of it was that they were damn pfunky.

Here's a link or two:

  • Yo Zeppelin played again! That's something I would pay big bucks to see at the Garden, here's a crossed finger or two that it'll happen in my lifetime. Maybe they will. Anyway, here's
  • In the name of good pastrami... 2nd Ave Deli to reopen!
  • More NYC news... Lion's Den upgraded... looking forward to checking out Sullivan Hall.
  • Man, call me what you will, but if anything on TV gets me hard, it's this. Although, can we all agree that this year's half-season of Heroes was hella good?
  • Any Arrested Development news is good news, right?
Not much, but I promise I'll be getting more action for you in the coming weeks, including Freaks Ball excitement (friends, family and NYC'ers, save 2/9/2008 right now and get your ass to this party! more details forthcoming), year end lists like you ain't never seen, and lots and lots of f'in music... my DAT deck is back from repair, I'll soon be converting like a madman and shoving music down your throat like, well, insert your own metaphor based on what you like being shoved down your throat.

Until then...

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